Witch Hair

I've got three lovely ladies to coiffure in the next week or two.  I had a vision of partially dreaded, funky hair as witches don't wash their hair right?  That would wash away their awesome powers.  I went to Fuzz, the local yarn, knitting, weaving, amazing little store where really nice women have a knitting circle/weaving meeting in the afternoons who have happily welcomed me in and show interest in my strange inquiries into how to use their medium of choice in different ways.  The store sits atop a fancy fabric place and is chock full of all sorts of natural fibers in natural and dyed fibers.  Its a little like going to a living history museum- full of soft, glorious fibers.

Things went like this:
I walked in and all the ladies were all sitting in their knitting circle, happy to answer my questions. 
 I asked " I want to make some hair".  
The clerk/ random customer got up and asked "what color".  
At which point I accidentally kicked a ball of yarn across the room that some lady was using for her project.  Whoops!

Conversation didn't miss a beat- She-"Oh, like old lady hair?"
"Yup, witch hair, as a matter of fact"
That's when she got a little gleam in her eye and told me that she's always wanted to make a witch and then showed me a bunch of grey and green wool roving.  She showed me several others because she was very into the project.  

This is what I brought home with a few examples of the dreaded stuff I did tonight.  It won't all be that way. I don't want too much of a R. Zombie vibe.  
I loved being accepted in that way.  She asked me to bring in some pictures so she could put them up in her shop.  Then she asked me how I was building them.  I don't think she expected an explanation about PVC armature, but she ended up asking me if I could bring back ideas to build her own!  

If you haven't read my previous post, I guess I'd have to say I've had a triple good day.  I sure hope that doesn't mean some corpse has been rotting for over two weeks for me to go on duty at noon.  Oh well, I don't care.  That's just work anyway.  


  1. this hair looks really intriguing...looking forward to seeing the finished witches!


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