Weekend Update

I'm not sure what to think about Brussels sprouts.  This is our second year trying them and we aren't getting the little cabbage sprouts, just open leaves.  It seems to be a lot of effort for little to no yield.  
The generic cantaloupe plant we picked up from Zamzows on sale is doing really well on the fence trellis.  I am very happy with this picture BTW.
This Burpee Sugar Girl Hybrid Chantarais-type melon is doing nicely in it's knee-high stocking sling.  All the melons will get these so they don't get too heavy for the vines.  The Burpee plant is smaller and has less melons though.  
The Burpee Zavory mild habeñero is doing really well.  The two in the raised tomato beds got crowded out and are only producing a few pepper, but the one in the neighboring raised cold frame bed is going nuts!  The plant is huge and is covered in peppers.  I can't wait 'till they ripen and turn orange.  They look just like regular habeñeros.  These guys took forever to sprout (two weeks I think), and were so tiny when transplanted.  They spent most of the summer looking tiny and runty and then all of the sudden they were huge, not as big as the jalapeños, but huge compared to what we started with.  
These Burpee Carnival Mix Salsa Peppers are really producing, we have three plants with the gorgeous bumpy, curly peppers that can be left to turn green, yellow, and red for picking.  We are going to have tons of salsa at some point.
While I'm typing this update the windowsill Romas and Super San Marzanos (and one runty Black Krim) are being made into this:
Making tomato sauce is one of my new favorite things to do.  I added the second half of the over oven roasted sauce I made a few weeks ago to mellow it out a bit.  We used this recipe (that I came up with on my own and am very proud of) for our eggplant Parmesan last weekend.  Oh, and we're about to have a bumper crop of eggplants very soon.  


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