Happy Last Day of September- It's On!

A haunter's garage is a beautiful thing.  Cars never get to see the interior, especially if the haunter lives with a tool fanatic, yay me.  I just thought I'd share some photos of my late summer/fall refuge.  I usually announce "Hey sweetie, I'm headed to the garage of evil" when I head out unless it is the witching hour when I get home at midnight after he's asleep for a little creative time with my three ladies:

Whoo hoo! Party time!  Wow, they seemed so stoked even with out heads.
These are static props, so my goal is a sense of motion.  We'll see if I fall flat on my face with these in about 30 days.  

Silliness aside, I am learning patience with my work for the first time ever.  Years and lifetimes ago I was an art major at the Art Institute in Chicago- and left out after one semester.  Who could blame me, we never got to do stuff like haunts.  Anyway, for years I used to work on one piece from beginning to end, I'd call in sick to work just to finish.  That was like 300 years ago though.  Last year's stink fest was the result of a few weeks work.  This year's props are going to be about three months of very intensive work.  

As you can see in the above pic, I'm on my third skin for the witch on the left.  She's my guinea pig.  The other two are going slower, but will be better built the first time or two around.  I realize that they are way off ribcage wise, but I unfortunately will dress them and don't see the point of making a "perfect" body for each.  

Here's more of my progress in both prop making and completely taking over a one car garage with a back room.  TaDa!
Kyle found most of the foam I'll use this year.  
I was told the coolers are off limits for a fog chiller.
I finally understand why Rot takes his work down if there is rain.  I plan to seal these up as tight as can be and use plastic for their undergarments, so to speak.  I've got a lot of hours in on my work at this time.  It's just that our neighborhood doesn't get many ToTs because the more affluent streets with their store bought, or even worse yet-inflatable decorations get the most attention.  So setting up a week early lets folks know they can at least stop by on their way home for a local haunt.  


  1. I LOATHE inflatables!
    That's one of my pet peeves about Halloween decorating, you spend countless hours toiling, bleeding and sweating over prop creation and someone down the street buys some cheaply made prop at a big box place at the last minute and gets all the glory.

  2. The only thing worse, Mr. M, is when they throw up about 4 or 5 of them. A Frankenstein monster, a witch, a vampire, and giant jack o lantern. It's unbelievably tacky.

  3. Well this will be a fun project to keep up with! Wow!!!!!!!!


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