Garden Fail Friday

Emily started GFF and here's two Tomato Fails:
Squirrels found the few bedraggled Black Krims.  I'm leaving this plant for the squirrels so they leave the other one alone.  This one has no new blooms on it anyway.  

Reminder: don't cut your tomatoes very thin when drying them, we didn't even get tomato chips.  We had to rehydrate them just to get the paper thin disks unstuck from the trays.  


  1. rude squirrels...i hope they stick to the sacrificial krims and don't move on to other plants...

    thanks for the warning about dehydrating tomatoes. i haven't dehydrated any slices yet, only whole small tomatoes. do you think it would help to spritz the trays with olive oil first so they come up easier?


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