My New Assistant

I finally got a Gorillapod to help me with prop shots.  I made the mistake and got a knockoff from Target.  That piece of junk went back to the store the next day.  Then I found this guy:
Even though I'm a green thumb as a gardener, I have a black thumb as a photographer, as in smelly old black rotten thumb (trust me with my line of work I know).  They even had my favorite color with one of my second favorites.  Don't tell the Frog Queen that I rock electric pink pretty well, she is my closest haunt neighbor that I know of and I'd still like to meet her and not have her hate me.  

Now back to this video link Rot posted on his blog earlier today.  If you ever loved the movie Trick 'R Treat, you're bound to want to see this.  I just finished and really enjoyed it.  


  1. a tripod is the best photography investment I ever made!


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