Weekend Update

No pretty pictures here, just the garage/shop progress.  I have the first witch's upper torso set up and ready for paint.  Then its on to the lower half.  

She looks like she's wearing a shrug at this point.  Not my ideal goal.  

She got a neck as well.  All will be painted black and the neck and wrists will get some green.  
Last up is my first attempt at headstones.  The hot knife from Harbor Freight for 13 bucks was a steal in my opinion.  These are my smaller, simpler headstones to learn from before I make the other 6 or 7 more complex ones.  I need to bring my respirator from work home the next time I use heat on the pink foam.  Luckily I had a good strong breeze today.  I need to put epitaphs on them and do a little embellishing, but all in all, I am one happy haunter today.  


  1. I have never tried to make my own tombstones, can't wait to see how yours turn out...looks like I might go to my local Harbor Freight tonight.

  2. Your witch is coming along nicely too, what did you use to make the head? I am always curious about how other haunters begin a prop like this!

  3. @ Der Krampus, I started by making a mache mold of a bucky skull like spooky blue, filled it with great stuff, made a nose and chin out of celluclay, then mache'd with kleenex. The eyes are 1 inch round wood balls from Michaels.

  4. How exactly did you create the upper body besides the pipes?


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