Harvest Monday

This week's haul included cherry, Roma, Super San Marzano, and Super Steak hybrid tomatoes, a bunch of jalapeños, and a Flavorburst Hybrid sweet pepper.  It looks like we will be getting a ton of salsa peppers soon as well as a bunch more eggplants.  Of course there are gazillions of green tomatoes still on the vines.  The low tonight is 38 degrees Fahrenheit, I hope it warms up a bit.  


  1. Another great basketful of harvest! I hope your temps stay warm enough for your green tomatoes to ripen before the first frost. If your tomatoes have reached full size, then perhaps you can still harvest them green and let them ripen indoors?

  2. That seems really cold to me for this time of year. I wouldn't be surprised if it was normal for you though. I hope it warms up a bit for you so the rest of your tomatoes can ripen.


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