Sunday, May 31, 2015


 I got out my Tamron 90mm macro lens today which is really fun to work with. I forget to take it out because a tripod is a must for this sort of photography. I also have to use my remote shutter trigger, so it is a bit more work than stepping out the door with the camera. The results are well worth it. I think this is the crispest lens I have.

The plant above surprised me with the tiny pink flowers. Cool plant.

 Here's a closeup of those surprise flowers.
 The tiny hairs didn't show well in my previous photographs.
 The globe alliums are still interesting.
The foxgloves are in their prime.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Finished Concrete Block Planter

 This is a great example about camera lens quality. The photos above were taken with my wide angle lens. It's a third party lens and does the job for large subjects, but the focus isn't the best.  The photos below were taken with my Nikon 50mm fixed focal length lens. It was a cheap lens, only about $150, but is takes great photos. The little closeups show the fun detail of the plants that you can't see in the first photos.