Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Up and Running

After literally blood, sweat, and tears, we are up and running. We had a great lightshow going Saturday night, it was a ball.  My Pumpkinrot (heavily inspired BTW) sentinels were a huge hit. They guard the path to the location of the candy bowl.
The cemetery is set up and the lights are working. I have some changes I want to make, I don't like how the light strips are visible. I'm already planning on integrating columns for the fence for next year anyway. So Sunday morning, Kyle went out to discover that the sprinkler system had gone off early in the morning and flooded my electrical circuit box I had just remade and fried the Arduino. That's where the tears came in. Lots of them. I went to the only place I know if in town for help. The Reuseum. The shop owner who  is an evil genius saintlike person, gave me a lender Arduino for this season. They only cost $25, but I couldn't get anyone to ship in time.  So, basically, the Reuseum saved Halloween two years in a row (last year they had a last minute 10?31 1500 hrs IC I shorted out).
I am so glad I took the week off. The sweat comes with each setup, this was the first year I bled. I managed to not see a huge rusty rebar that I pulled a skeleton ghost off of for yesterday's rain. So there, I sacrificed part of myself to the spirit of Halloween. I'll get some video up soon.

Friday, October 25, 2013


I'm a bit offline due to my PC being set up in the living room to run the haunt. Kyle says I can borrow his laptop now and then until Nov. 1. Happy Haunting...

Down to the wire!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I am joking of course. I found out that we moved onto the cul de sac where Boise's #1 Christmas light show resides. Kyle just pointed out that there is a green light up sphere above one of our neighbor's houses. When I went out to catch a photo, it mysteriously turned off. Well folks, we may have an official haunt off happening in B-town!

I failed to capture a photo, but I got this one instead

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Early Set Up

Yup, we didn't buy a neat old Victorian, but the house that had the best haunt where I grew up was a 70's split level. Kyle helped me set these guys up. The one on the left still needs gloss medium on his creepy cloth, I ran out. I already had a neighbor stop by to tell me he loved the new guys. I've also found out that my Nikon 50mm 1.8 is my best haunt lens. I had to darken these so much, it was crazy.
This is the one with the glossy "slime".
I'll buy a new bottle tomorrow to finish this one off. 

Besides, I of all people know that someone could have died in a place way younger., Oh, and yeah, we have a HUGE streetlight right on the corner.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


This is the current view out the front window 
The new guy finally got a body and spar urethane 
 This guy got beefed up and some urethane too
 I painted with black latex paint then green latex paint and added some creepy cloth mache with acrylic gel medium
 My can of urethane is getting old and starting to get clumpy which happily made the creepy cloth look slimy and extra gross
Eww, gross 
 More grossness
This whole project was inspired by Pumpkinrot's Sentinels, I hope to get these guys on top of metal fence stakes at the end of the driveway tomorrow with red LEDs in them

Friday, October 18, 2013

Dark Art

I've just been introduced to the photography of Analisa Ravella, a photographer and Boise artist. I just had to share her work with some of you Halloweenies and such. Her work is quite diverse and I am only showing a few of her photos. Her Halloween pinup album will delight some of you quite a bit.
This one reminds me of a mix of Pumpkinrot's Jenny and Laura Palmer, from twin peaks.

Check out her FB page, she has tons of albums, and you can apparently commission her for your own shoot! 

This is posted as her wedding photo, so I had to share this one.

This last one speaks to my occupational self.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Saturday, October 12, 2013


My Pumpkinrot inspired sentinels are getting closer to where I wanted them This guy is my largest prop so far. His head is 16 inches in diameter and arm span is huge. His face got bashed in during a fall last year and I had to do reconstruction, or scrap the entire project. I can't find those huge foam pumpkins anywhere and wonder if they were discontinued. A paper mache mold would have been a good idea, but I suppose I'll have only two. I know he looks a mess and there is a mountain of laundry fresh out of the dryer behind him, but I see something awesome in him. He'll be the prop near the corner, pointing out at traffic while people drive their kids to school and go to work.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Attention to Detail

I've had this haunt for four years now. The fence is three years old, it is long overdue that I make some improvements and honestly, finish some things. There is a lot that needs redone, but I'm chunking away one bit at a time. The fence has never been finished. I used to get away with the bottom not being painted black by piling up leaves. We won't have that many leaves this year due to our neighborhood being at least 40 years younger than the last one. I finally finished painting the darn thing, even the undersides for the small TOTs to make it look real. I also added some rust that I've meant to do since the inception of the project. I am also toying with cobwebs.

I also got some paper mache in this week as well. Attention to detail is my new motto.