Harvest Monday

We are still getting lots of tomatoes and the peppers are really starting to ripen up for us.  The two long ones are Carnival Salsa Mix from Burpee seed.  They are a perfect flavorful mild salsa pepper.  
We got our first two ripe Burpee Zavory mild Habaneros as well.  They are a beautiful orange/red and sure are a true mild Habanero.  The two peppers diced with seeds and spines added a nice flavor to our fresh salsa. 


  1. Pretty peppers. I always love the bright red of a ripe pepper.

  2. Peppers and Tomatoes = salsa!!! YUM!!!

  3. Hurrah for ripe peppers and ripe tomatoes. I got some of the latter but not many and ALL of my peppers had to be picked green this year because the plants were going down with a fungal problem. Glad to see others in our northwest area getting a better harvest of both of those items.


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