Three Strikes

I have three strikes against me with haunting our yard.  We have a chain link fence.  We live on a well light corner lot.  We live in a little, yellow, vinyl sided house with white trim and a cheesy half round window with bad 80's style brass "stained glass" over the front door.  Don't get me wrong, I like the house and all, It's just not ideal for a yard haunt.  There is no fighting with the street lamp.  I am a "sworn" County Deputy and could never tamper with it.  So I have to look to Skull and Bone for lighting tips, although I only have a four flood string and a bunch of little LED floods that Pumpkinrot turned me on to.  I am wiring up some LED flicker circuits for three aged lanterns as well.  Anyway, the house is very light and kinda cute and homey looking in a low budget sort of way.  It is in no way a haunted mansion, or old Boise North End sort of place.  Sill, if they could make Mary Brown's trailer look creepy in Blair Witch, I can make this prefab look ghoulish as well, at least decrepit.  I see that at work often enough.

As for the chain link, I guess we could let the weeds go a bit.  Any ideas.  I'm about out of budget for the year.  

I think this old tutorial might help add a sense of abandonment.  Fake boarded up windows.  Our entire place is new vinyl siding and vinyl windows so we need something lightweight that can be attached without hurting any of the facade.  Let's face it, empty houses are on the rise recently and are spooky even if they are brand new.

I will post my follow up later.  


  1. Weeds are always good. Corn stalks on the corners to give it some height and vary the material. Maybe a bit of burlap here and there.

    Our boarded up windows are foam and very light....but the foam is about $13 a sheet, and it takes a while to distress, but definately worth it.

    Looking forward to your progress.


  2. Boarded up windows do wonders for a haunt. Since you have new siding, try using the industrial strength Velcro to attach them to your house. You can find rolls of the stuff in the craft section of WalMart. Plus, attach black landscape fabric to the windows to block out the light from inside of the house.

    Another idea is to use cut tree limbs as small trees through out your yard. Basically, dirty it up.

    Take trash bags over to your neighbor's and offer to rake their leaves when the start falling. Spread these all over your yard.

  3. I know you may not like the chain link fence, but I would LOVE one around my yard to discourage vandalism when I have my Halloween props out. Think about decorating the fence to match your Jayson suggested for the yard, you could do for the fence,; dirtying it up with spanish moss hanging from it, old grape vines and intertwining leafy fall branches can maybe not hide the fence but incorporate it into your haunt design.


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