Sad flower, hanging head in shame:)

I've become a terrible garden blogger.  With is being September and all, I am really busy with my other blog about the Halloween yard display or rather haunt.  Things in the gardens are doing fine.  The sunflowers have produced some massive seed heads, although I will probably not grow the Burpee Super Snacks because they had a big problem with toppling over (that may be my fault).  The mammoth variety seemed to be stronger although the heads drooped.

We harvested a bazillion tomatoes this weekend, one massive zucchini, some peppers, crooknecks, and a couple a cukes.  The zucchini ended up getting gutted of seeds and made as a sort of meatloaf holder.  We had a bunch of game meat from K's folks that he is trying to power through.  I must say it was quite tasty.  Sadie had a taste test for herself the last time he made massive zucchini loaf boats, actually she devoured most of one that he's left on the counter to cool.  It completely disappeared!  She sure did burp a lot that night...I digress.  We haven't gotten that many cukes this year, and to think of it it looks like the chantarais-type melon plant will have only one.  It had better be worth it!

I've been making batches of tomato sauce and we should be getting more ripe peppers so we can make some salsa.  There will definitely be posts on those projects.  We will also do some fall planting posts as well.  We might give the "cold frame" a run for the money.  

Things will definitely slow down on the blog as October is looming and I have a ton of haunt stuff to finish.  Keep checking back once in a while and expect the next batch of spring seedlings to be started in January.  Yep, we'll start some early in hopes for an earlier harvest of tomatoes.  


  1. can't wait to see your fall planting posts! i'm doing a fall garden for the first time this year. just put in four new varieties of radish and a few new greens this evening...pretty psyched about it. i hope we have a nice mild autumn.


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