As I work in a mostly arid climate, although the past few springs have been very wet, I've never seen this happen to a body.  In other parts of the country that are more humid and cool, saponification happens. Yes, a body can turn to "soap". Click the link for an interesting article. If you are into this sort of thing.  It is also known as "grave wax" or most professionally adipocere.

Well not really soap that we wash with. Here is the Wikipedia article.


  1. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for visiting Willow Manor. Hope to see you again soon.

  2. i've thought about it and come to the conclusion that i probably would not wash myself with corpse. but i'm curious...if you rub them with water, do they get sudsy? (new meaning to the name "mr. bubble.")

  3. amazing! (I seriously want to go to the mutter museum)--also thanks for the link to the blog detailing the soap lady. I think I've heard of this phenomenon before but had completely forgot about it and had no idea how it occurred. thanks.


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