Garden Fail Friday

This is blossom end rot.  I've only noticed it on one plant, the Super San Marzano hybrid paste tomato.  Of the gardens I am familiar with ours was the most amended, we had new composed manure with gypsum as our base, the topsoil of the raised beds worked in with some substrate sand, Canadian peat moss, and vermiculite.  I also have given all our veggies a hit of Zamzows Thrive.  Our plants are massive, even compared to the ones we gave away as seedlings to other gardens.  For some reason though, the Super San Marzanos weren't happy with all that.  I then dressed around the plant with a top fertilizer with 4% calcium in hopes to correct the problem.  So far so good, so it isn't necessarily a big fail, but we are definitely in the dark as to why this guy got so fussy.  After I took this shot I pulled all the end rot tomatoes and disposed of them.  There were about ten in all.  So far we've harvested about 20 and there are at least 50 still ready to ripen.  

Let's see what Emily is up to...


  1. i'm so glad you kept GFF alive! sorry i didn't post one last week, i've been having some difficulties.

    that's crazy that you would have any end rot considering how wonderful you're treating them. i've had three blossom end rot tomatoes so far, all on different plants. someone told me you can still eat them, just cut out the bad part, thanks.


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