I love the Haunt Community; a bunch  of folks that I idolize have been checking out my meager little blog.  I got caught with no makeup on and the curlers still in my hair when Mr. Halloween A.K.A. Pumpkinrot blogged about my new tombstones.  My post was just a filler post as they aren't even finished.  Oh shwells, I got up this morning (1:00 PM for the D.I.), made a nice brekkie, hopped on the net to check the forums and the blogs.  My day started out very nicely.  Then I checked Rot's blog because he isn't on my Google instant update blogroll thing (just 'cause he's elusive that way, and I save the best ones for last) and there was my Mr. Kreeg tombstone!  I hope if Mike Dougherty saw it he didn't cringe.

The coolest part is that when I called Kyle to tell him about it, his reaction was of total excitement.  He's so sweet in that he really enjoys watching me make these crazy things.  I'll come home after midnight from work and he'll be full of compliments on whatever I'd finished for the day.  He asked today "Isn't Rot kind of a mentor of yours?  I sure am proud of you sweetie".

Thanks for the post Rot!

It is so cool to know that 14 people read this thing.  I just got an extra hop in my step knowing that there are folks out there that love the haunt as much as I do.

Now if I could only write more concisely than Ayn Rand....


  1. : )

    So glad it surprised you like that.
    When I saw these stones, I couldn't post your link quick enough.

    Your haunt is going to be amazing. The witches are looking fantastic. Can't wait.

  2. If you'd like to follow a blog that doesn't fit in the Blogger format to follow, it's easy to do:

    1. On the Blogger dashboard, you will see two buttons on the lower left side, "add" & "mangage", click "add".

    2. Pop up box comes up, make sure "add from URL is clicked; type the address of the blog you are wanting to follow, (ie...

    3. Click "next" and go from there...

    Hope this helps!

  3. I'm glad 'Rot posted the link because now I've got another cool blog to follow. Great job!


  4. Thanks Mr. Macabre!
    Hi Rich!
    Thanks Rot!


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