Graveyard Wanderers

I've just finished carving the lettering on my first tombstone, for one Mr. Greeg, and damn! making these things is tough.  No wonder there are so many crappy tombstones out on the 31st.  You'd have to be a nut like me to put up with all the work and have the patience of someone waiting around for somebody to die.  
Herman Webster Mudgett and Ed Gein, respectively (not respectfully)
After I got home from work tonight Kyle was helping me come up with names for the now many other tombstones thanks to his finding me a sheet and 1/2 of the pink stuff at his work (who's my baby?).  He asked me about Gacy and I told him I'd like to use very old serial killers that have an aura of boogyman about them and not a fresh in the memory creepy homicidal pedophile.  As a death investigator I think that the families of the more recent Gacy killings would not be happy with my little haunt as their siblings are most likely still with us.  Of course there will be one for Ed Gein and one for Dr. H. H. Holmes.  Next thing I knew I was telling a very sleepy Kyle about the amazingly perfectly creepy story about Dr. H. H. Holmes.  If you like reading that sort of stuff, as I do, then check out The Devil in the White City.  


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