Shellhawk has announced the latest show from Hauntcast is up and playing.  Just in case someone comes along this blog that hasn't heard of Hauntcast, please read on, this is info you must have.  Those of you familiar with the show, go ahead an move on because you already know what I'm going to write.  I have never really listened to podcasts.  Kyle listens to tons of them and but most are a bunch of guys with inside jokes I usually don't get.  Hauntcast is my new fave, the show is really well done, it has a sense of humor that reminds me of the Son of Svengooly Show that I used to watch as a kid, but with more potty humor.  It is pure Halloween fun. It has turned the internet full circle to me as I prepare to sit in front of the speakers like the the kid in Christmas Story listening to the Little Orphan Annie Show on the radio.  Check it out right now!


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