Something a Little Different

Maybe the whole world knows this story, but I didn't until well after it broke.  I think of this story often.  It started with a very well written human interest piece in the Tampa St. Petersburg Times I came across while surfing the web.  I was instantly riveted.  The story has all the elements of a journalistic piece of gold.  It is compelling, it shows the worst and best in people, and both worst and best of all- it really happened.  I check up on the story of Danni and her new life, and I reread the original horrifying beginning once about once a year.  She is an inspiration (at least her new family is) and she is a warning of what human beings are capable of doing to each other, even their own flesh and blood.

This is Dani's Story, her website.  It is so good to see she found such wonderful people to live with.  I'm not sure why she stumbled into my memory today, but it was great to be able to see what she's up to.  I had my internet moniker for years before I even used the internet, but maybe there is something in Danni's story that keeps me using it.

~Gone Feral


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