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Starting over...

... well, sort of. Last Halloween was the final year of Haunt Stress, at least as far as I was concerned. My biggest stress was the elaborate light show with tons of homemade spotlights run from my computer using freeware that was buggy and often shut down unexpectedly. That and the hundreds of feet of wire that ran throughout my entire yard. Connections would fail and troubleshooting was extremely tedious and exhausting.

We ran the light show for 9 years and it was amazing when it worked. I spent hours sequencing lights to music and it was so satisfying to watch. But the show always glitched worse and worse throughout the night each year. That seemingly miles of wires everywhere made it impossible to walk around in without damaging something. We limped it along last Halloween, but I was so stressed and exhausted afterwards that I'd end up feeling pretty bummed out by the end of it all.

That isn't what the Halloween experience should be like. I do it to be a part of my communi…

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