Saturday, November 25, 2017

Finding Light

I'm sure I've made a similar post before, but this time of year is so dark and gloomy. I love it when it starts to get chilly and dark for Halloween, but right after it I usually begin to experience seasonal effective disorder. I never really got into Christmas, but in more recent years I've loved putting lights on the house to add some cheer to the long winter season. Last year was our first Christmas tree for my husband and I and the first for either of us in our adult lives for years. Today we got our tree all bought and set up. I spent the evening decorating it which is so much fun for me. The house smells amazing and the lights are so wonderful. Even the glass ornaments glow from within. 

Here's to a happy safe warm winter to all!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Haunt Video 2017

I hope the host doesn't pull this too quick, But I finally got video footage of Thriller for the first time in years. The program I use is freeware (Vixenlights) plus an Arduino and lots of feet of wire from each prop and spotlight that I hook up to my PC that I move to the Living room window for a week for the show (apparently my laptop is incompatible and my tablet is too new). So for the last two years the show has run buggy. During that time I ran nice ambient spooky sounds and a random light show, just random channels dimming on and off (like I originally wanted, nothing more). 
Guess what? I figured out the problem and had the whole 7 song synchronized to music thing running this year. When you run for 4 nights that is a bit obnoxious-yet very satisfying. People love the light show with the music. For the first time we has folks lining the streets each night the weekend before waiting for the "light show". Folks were dancing in the street Friday and Saturday night with their kids.

To be honest it drove me a bit nuts, but to see the monstrosity working was so satisfying. My promise for next year is many more songs and have more ambient track in-between. My husband and I were a little relieved to shut it down Halloween night. The quiet was priceless. I ran the show on random with ambient music for my neighbor across the street who works late. He does theater lighting and really enjoys watching it after everyone is home and the streets are quiet. I may make a more creative video later, but for now, in all it's bombastic glory, I give you Goneferal's Dead End Haunt: Thriller~

Monday, October 30, 2017

Boise Harrison Blvd Halloween

Harrison Blvd is the premier Trick or Treating locale in Boise Idaho. I haven't visited in a few years, but took some photos on All Hallows Eve Eve. They close the street off to vehicle traffic, thousands come. We don't get anywhere near as much.

 The homeowners put up cation tape to keep their yards from being overwhelmed. I'm not sure if I'd want to haunt on this street. But the houses are amazing.

 This is a seasonal icon, the lions in their pumpkin suits.

 This is another iconic home. They usually have hundreds of carved pumpkins. It looks like they are moving out. I hope the new owners do a good job next year.

 Some new haunts have appeared after years of the same old thing.
 I loved the ghost in the window.
 Poltergeist! The TV was on snow!

 Single hanging ghoul.

 A reference to a new remake.
Finally, a rip off of my favorite haunter's work. Not the homeowner's fault. It was store bought, but Pumpkinrot came up with it first. If you love Halloween check out

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Quick Early Video, More to Come!

Click to photo for a quick video.

For All the Work I do

Y'all know how elaborate my haunt it. My neighbors put up their yearly homage to my haunt. It used to be a single old school poseable skeleton flat wall hanging form one of their old gnarled trees. This year its a single mask on one of their fence posts. They live in the only remaining building from the farm that my subdivision was built on. My house is where the old farm house stood and theirs was the farm hands house. It is well weathered and surrounded by huge old trees, so it's spooky in it's own right. As opposed to my generic tract house.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dead End Haunt 2017

Click the link below for a short video. This is just the early stages of set up. We should be up and running next Thursday. Happy Haunting!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Backyard Fire

We had some excitement last night. I was just taking note on how it is starting to get dark earlier and earlier. I looked at the clock and it was 8:30 so I made a mental note to plan for outdoor portrait photography times I'll need to start planning. I also heard a lot of sirens, which isn't totally unusual as I live along a north-south thoroughfare between town and the foothills. I settled in with the dogs to watch Sully. At about 9:15 I went to let the dogs out when I saw this:

I can't quite explain the primal flight reaction that came over me. This is over a mile away, basically the beautiful backdrop to our backyard view, but glowing bright orange, and the sirens! It sounded like the whole valleys first responders were driving past my house to get up there. I later found out that that was the truth. All the local city fire departments, the National Guard, and the BLM were there.

I scrambled to get my camera after taking a few initial terrible cell phone shots. Pretty quickly the fire came over the hillside.

That's when I decided to go out front to make sure our fire hydrant was clear in case it was needed. Our street was lined with cars and crowds of people trying to watch the fire over the neighborhood rooftops. I thought to myself I could have charged to let people in my backyard for the best seat in the house. Of course I didn't do that. I'm to stingy with my view and didn't know if any people were under serious threat up there.

 The last photos seem to be when they contained it at about midnight. About an hour later it looked pretty much under control so I decided it was safe to go to bed. I read that they had it mostly out by 3:30 in the morning and are spending the day cleaning up. The amount of traffic going past my house is still pretty heavy.