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Haunt Stress

I know it sounds trivial, but haunt stress is a real thing. I know, I have it. Over nine years, I've built with my own bare hands, hundreds of elements that I set up each Halloween. There's the graveyard, the fence, the fence columns, over 120 hand made spotlights, figures, and then the light show. The light show alone is the result of hundreds of hours of work (plus the help from David Ultis). It is all done by hand with freeware, which can be finicky and troublesome to get working correctly. Last year I had a crowd of people in front of my house chanting "We want the light show!" Over and over while I scurried about, headlamp strapped to my head in the dark checking wires, hardware, and the computer program I use trying to find out what wasn't working. My blood pressure wasn't good, I'm sure.

I have literally put my own blood sweat and tears into this thing. And it's free! The only donations we take are pet food for the Idaho Humane Society

That sai…

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