Thursday, August 22, 2013

Local Art

 Maybe one of these days I'll shell out the dough to get my own prints. I've always loved the Harrison Blvd one. For those of you not familiar with Boise, Harrison Blvd is location of some of Boise's biggest and most beautiful homes where most of the residents decorate rater elaborately. Before I started haunting, I lived one street over and was amazed with the thousands of TOTs moving along the street that was closed to cars for the big night. People drive in from all over to TOT and most houses hand out the full sized candy bars.

Globe II Home Goods Electric Boogyloo

 I had to return a soap dish to Home Goods/TJ Maxx. I added to the collection with the Mr. and Mrs. globe, a set of Yankee Candles and two Jack O lantern pails. The house is coming along nicely I think. I also spent a bunch more time painting.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The County Fair

The Globe (thanks Rot)

Shown with the vintage postcard my cousin sent me in a wonderful frame.

The New Digs

This was late on moving day. We moved the tanks and plants last. I thought it looked so much more lush, but I think I was delirious with heat stroke. Lucy likes it though and is doing nicely off-tether in the new yard.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Good Hood!

So I was informed by some other new neighbors I just met tonight and they informed me that we have "a crazy neighbor who does a Christmas light show to music and stuff". Well new neighborhood, get ready for the crazy Halloween Lady!

  Here's a link to their show. I can't wait for the first kid that proclaims "holy crap!" in front of my house.

I'm so excited! Too bad this years show won't be very monumental. Here's a link to my show.

Monday, August 5, 2013

So I Bought the Red Headed Stepchild of Bikes

With our new home, my commute is increasing and my beloved 29'er hybrid is feeling really heavy. I was afraid of the road type bikes when I started riding again, but I've found myself pushing as hard as I can on my rides and let's face it, I ride mostly on pavement/greenbelt. I made the choice with the help of a coworker to delve into the cyclecross world which unfortunately, around here starts at appx. $1,200 for an entry level bike. 

I went with the online store and got a 2014 Motobecane Cyclecross Trail, which I thought would be fairly well suited for year round commuting. Let me tell you, if you order a bike online from a distributor, you get to know your bike a whole lot more because you have to assemble it. I figured if I could mud a new wall, I could put the bike together.

So here it was, ready to be partially assembled. It was actually really easy.
Doesn't it look fast?

I'd read that the saddle pretty much sucks, so I used the seatpost and my old dolce that I love from the 29'er. This one didn't come with pedals and I need to get my combi's off the 29'er, but for the life of me I can't get them loose. I'll ask Kyle for some help when he gets home from new home repairs. It is a lot lighter than my other bike and the shifting is different, but I've been riding for quite a while now and am a lot more comfy on my bike than I used to be. Thant is, with my helmet and rear view mirror. I'll ride it a bit and probably take it into the local shop for a tune up. Oh, and it is disc break compatible if I want to make the upgrade. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Now for the Honeymoon!

I need to add some before photos, but they are on my other camera at the new house.
 Joint compound is awesome and horrible depending what stage of the game you are in. I am now covered in fine dust from all the sanding. Wearing a face mask and safety glasses is also equally awesome. My in-laws and a great friend helped us out a bunch today. Hopefully we prime and paint tomorrow. We are going to have the nicest garage on the block. I am loving this home ownership stuff, I was made for it. (ask me about that later when something blows up in the middle of the night).
Mudded and sanded.
Cleaned and primed.

Kyle has done more of the work in the garage. The interior has mostly been me so that Lucy has someone to hang out with. The dust from the joint compound plus doggy noses is a very bad thing. 
Craigslist scores, they need to be cleaned a bit. We did our first load and are really impressed.
I removed all the trim. We'll keep the window and door trim and repaint it white. I'm going to get new base trim that is taller (and white). Kyle fashioned me with some nice kill room visqueen. 
I threw some test paint up last night, we liked it and got a great price at KM, the 5 gal buckets are in the center of the photo. 

I didn't get a photo, but Lucy deposited two new poops in the yard. I think she is saving them for when we go to the new house.