I think this year might work

This is last year:

Stink Fest 2009. 

These are pics of my first new witch (one of three) for 2010.  I promise they won't look like old ladies in babushkas. 
Although I think she looks like she's making an obscene gesture, I am pretty happy.  I may need to saw off the left arm and raise it up a bit so she doesn't looks like she's propositioning someone like a crack ho.  


  1. LOL!!! I would have never noticed the left arm, er, connotation if you hadn't mentioned it!

    Seriously, that chick is scary! Something about the gleam in her eye and that smile is positively wicked!

  2. ha! I like that pose--think you should leave it and agree with mr. macabre--in a way, that pose and mad expression really make her scary!


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