I think I'm on to Something (Work in Progress)

Also known as my favorite prop picture to date

While one of my faves- the Frog Queen has been rubbing elbows with Rob Zombie, I've been plugging away at my three sisters witches a-la Macbeth/Pumpkinrot.  I finally have all three heads finished except two that got weather sealed need matting so they aren't shiny and one needs sealed,... the basic heads are done.  I want matte finish skin with shiny lacquered eyes, eyelids, teeth, gums, and lips, think Alien style.    These girls will be frothing at the lips in ecstasy while they try to raise the dead.  Note: I don't plan to have any risen dead this year due to time constraints, my haunt story will follow soon.  

After I got home from the morgue I tried a little "photo shoot" with the girls and an idea I am tossing around about hair.  Pumpkinrot's witches are hairless (and ear-less as are mine), but I am a big hair girl.  I like some of the photos I've found on the web with crazy ratty dreaded hairdos on the witches.  I know of an interesting homeless woman in town who has crazy dreadlocks that hang all the way to the ground.  She has all sorts of stuff in her hair, even duct tape.  She carries herself around with such a regal presence.  I think my witches need some "power hair"  I'm thinking ratty, full of fuzz, with haphazard hairdos, and let the weather do the rest.  
Anywhoo, I spent three hours unraveling a skein of yarn and tried out some shots to see where I'm going with the idea.  I already have one pointed witches hat, but do all three get them?  Should one have a hood?  I'm looking for feedback I suppose.  


  1. Love the witches! Very cool hair, lighting and especially the eyes - very eerie. Keep up the great work!

  2. these are great...and the photos are excellent as well!

  3. got a bit about your blog on mine now!

  4. They are looking good!!

    (oh, and thanks for the mention...it was pretty cool! :)


  5. Your witch trio is looking great! I think you should try one with a ragged hood of some sort.

  6. So glad I found your blog! The witches kick ass!
    How about an aged netting with spiders, & creepy stuff hanging on it and draped over the head? Just a thought.

  7. wow, these are really coming out amazing. it seriously makes me want to try something like this. photo #5 is my favorite--she looks alive. the teeth are still blowing me away, i think they're my favorite part, although you also did a fabulous job with the eyes and facial expressions.

    about the hair--i like the yarn, homespun right? it almost looks too nice, though. have you considered maybe getting some cheap, really long hair extensions (or a long wig) and creating a few dreadlocks, then maybe teasing the rest for a full, ratty look? i bet synthetic hair would dread pretty fast, and if you used extensions you could put in multiple hair colors and textures. you could even add some duct tape and other junk as an homage to the local character (i've never met her...hope i get to someday, she sounds so cool).


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