My three Macbeth witches are coming along nicely.  I've mached them, spar urethaned them three times and now am putting the final paint job on their skeletons.  I also matted their skin and added more gloss to their mouths including drooling and shining up their eyes.
The sealant will dry clear.


  1. GFinID,

    I also use spar varnish over my mache, but I've only used one coat. I then paint over it and then cover with 1-2 coats of deck sealant. Is three coats just overkill "just in case," or have you found it beneficial to use that many versus using less? I'm still relatively new to all this.

    Thanks, and the trio look great!


  2. I have no idea, I just followed a website about sealing mache, but I can't remember the site's name. She tested out all sorts of sealants and left them outside for a year and this application is the only one that lasted.

  3. I can't wait to see them all dredded up.
    Also, maybe the one with the "suggestive" hand positions, could be holding/petting a certain rubber rat that I know of? Her next ingredient in the witches brew, or perhaps a familiar?


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