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Note: This is not the final set up (hint, hint Rot).  I have a few more lighting effects to set up this coming weekend and the fogger with chiller as well, but today was way more productive than I anticipated.  I'll make a big post of photos with all the effects going by next weekend (I hope).  I plan to make a video out of photos and video clips for my grand finale post of the season.  

After Kyle brought home the pumpkin spice creamer (yum) he was ready to help me set up the base for my standing witch.  I have two kneeling on one knee each, but I wanted the third to be leaning over the cauldron casting her spell.  We used one of last year's stands that was used for much heavier monster mud on chicken wire prop that worked really well for my PVC mache witch.  

Once I had the third "body" ready all I had to do was dress them.  Let me tell you, I never had that much fun with barbies ever.  I put their plastic table cloth bases on then added layers of dyed cheesecloth and creepy cloth.  I distressed the layers and used spray adhesive to put it all on.  I used spray adhesive to add their hair which is made up of hand made wool roving dreadlocks and synthetic yarn I basically un-spun by hand.  

Oh, I also spent some dough on 10 big pumpkins that will hopefully all get carved next weekend.


  1. Boise, eh? I'm just over here in Kuna. Nice to see someone else local making their own stuff. Great haunt - love that witch!

  2. GfinID, your haunt is looking terrific. I love the eerie green color. Last year I had used several big spotlights to no great effect so this year I made my own LED spots.

    While I think the color is much improved now, I'm rather leaning towards the monochromatic greens (like you have) or blues. I think it looks much creepier that way. Great job with the lighting and with your witches.


  3. This is really amazing!
    And I'll wait, if you say so, to post any more photos : D

  4. Thanks Rot, I thought you'd understand.

  5. @ Rich, I have a cheap string of 3 par 38 lights, two blue and one green. I'm not sold on them, but its the best I can come up with this year. I'd really like to see what it would look like with amber colored lights and maybe some smaller LED Spots. I plan to do a shoot with my little clip on LED spots this coming weekend.

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