What a day, my Dane mix is black, I just learned I need a good pic of her crashed out.  This is where I will be within seconds.  I saw some of the craziest stuff at work today combined- with the new schedule, ugh!  I need a good nights rest and some quality time in the garage working on props.  Is it just Danes that hang their heads off the bed?   I'll post a proper haunt post once my weekend starts Thurs. AM.  -Happy Haunting!


  1. With your job, when you say that you see some crazy stuff at work, it really makes me wonder!

    What a beautiful poochie! My cats hang their head off their bed a lot for some reason. Animals just know how to relax I guess.

  2. Ah, what a lovely dog!! I am such a softie for animals. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Knowing how much our dog is into Yoga, I think this sleeping pose must stretch out her neck muscles; muscles which are undoubtedly tired from carrying the load of her knucklehead all day.


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