Busy Day

I spent most of the day working in the last three headstones for this year.  Two hours of dremelling, lots of sanding, and four hours of painting.  They aren't finished, but are drying overnight and I will add the last finishing touches for this year.  Tomorrow I will get the four spotlights I have and check them, set them up and ready the headstones for set up.  
I also finished sealing the fog chiller.  That will get a couple of coats of flat black tomorrow.  


  1. hey, it might be too late now but i have this really amazing old book on gravestones that has tons of pictures of very very old east-coast graves with emphasis on the symbols (death's heads, etc)...could be helpful for inspiration for the final details (or maybe for next year's stones)--if you want i can scan some pages and email them to you.

  2. Emily, that sounds really cool. Thanks.

  3. You might want to put something between your fog machine and the chiller, as the heater may melt the bead foam. That would suck!

    Great pics, btw. I'd love to see that!

  4. Queenoflawngnomes@yahoo.com--email me and i'll send you the scans.


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