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I took giant dog Sadie for a monster walk over to Harrison Blvd. where the street gets shut down to motorized traffic and TOT's get full sized candy bars.  The next set of photos are from that street.  The ones following are from random houses and the last ones are of the priceless find I made and actually got to talk to the haunter.  Lets start with the usual on Harrison Blvd:
The lions have capes, but their witch hats blew off. 
The inevitable inflatables.
This was one of the best on the Blvd.
Pretty cool, nice pumpkins.
Small fry.
I don't know how many locals have told me that Val Kilmer owns this place.  They put the same stuff up every year and I've been here for 10.  
I thought this was pretty cool, it is actually part of an inflatable display that was all deflated at the time.  I tried to take some inflatable homicide scene photos, but none of them turned out.  
That was all I saw on the Blvd.  Then I found this gem:
This was tucked away on a quieter street and I caught the haunter during setup.  I met Phil, a super cool dude wearing all black and sporting a sweet grey ponytail.  I think Phil was taken aback by the lady with the huge dog with the huge grin saying "the kids in this neighborhood are lucky to have you!".  I started asking questions about his haunt.  Apparently they've had one for several years and they have a 9' tall fire-breathing dragon!  It breathes real fire and is anamatronic, and best of all, is COMPLETELY. HOME. MADE.  I was so thrilled to find a kindred spirit.  I had to see more and boy am I glad I asked.  Phil let me into his home which is so amazing.  It's kinda like the Munsters house a bit on the inside I think half intentionally and half not.  He had boxes of stuff stacked several feet high labeled "dragon skin", "dragon body", "lights", oh so many I can't remember.  

At that point I said, "oh, I'm  used to being in stranger's houses, I work for the Coroner's office".  That seemed to put him at ease with my casual entering his very different domicile and then he offered to show me his basement.  Seriously, how many of you would say "O.K. stranger in all black with a 9' dragon that breaths real fire, I'll go into your basement".?  Well, you know I had to.  

Phil is apparently a model train efficianado and a master dragon maker.  I got to see the dragon's head without the skin, just the wiring and guts.  I wish I took video of the eyelids that open and shut and the eyes that went side to side.  The mouth opens and closes and has propane that gets light and alternating fog that comes out.  Whoa, and there is a compass in the stock that which tells time!

Remember, if you click on my photos, they enlarge for more detail.
The dragon head's guts.  
Phil modelling the new skin that will apparently be ready by the 31st.  

Needless to say, the walk was a ton of fun, we had beautiful sunshine, cool temps and great fall colors.  Here are the other random shots I took during the walk.  
Its almost time!


  1. haha, that's so cool that you got to visit that guy's lair. it must be crazy to live on harrison boulevard this time of year. i wonder if it's in their homeowner's association CC&Rs that they have to go over the top with decorations and hand out thousands of full-size candy bars. i heard on the news each house gets around 3,000 trick-or-treaters--they played footage of kids standing in long lines for candy.

  2. *After Reading Emilys comment* Holy Geeze!
    Anyway.. I was going to ask if you knew if the guy had a website or anything, to show off his work that is.
    I think an Animatronic dragon ranks up there as one of the awesome-est things I've heard about For a Halloween display.


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