It's Go Time!

The lights are on, the fogger is on, allthe candles ar flickering as should be.  We have a great Halloween mix playing on outdoor speakers as ell.  The kids really like my witches.  The witches just a bit taller than most of them  Perfect!  hey keep standing in front of them, some o them reach out to ouch a nose or some teeth.  I'll post some photos later in the night.

Happy Halloween!


  1. i saw your house last night! my friend jason lives just a couple blocks away from you, i was heading over there for a cookout and the witches caught my eye. we took a walk later and came by to look but the lights were already out. great job on the display! i'm glad i got to see it in person.

  2. The lighting in the yard looks great, as do your trio of witches. I'm guessing you had a great time, and I can see why. Now to start getting ready for next year!



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