What I Won't be Wearing

Are these from an exotic dancing costume supplier?  Nope, people are going to wear these?  I am so sick of the "sexy" costume thing.  Come on ladies, show some class.  I even found some women's Sesame Street costumes described as "sassy".  Why not just call the outfit sexy Cookie Monster, we all know that it is anyway.


  1. Even if I looked like that in the costume....


  2. I don't know why you ladies have to hate the Halloween Hores out there, it's part of the fun of dressing up!
    In my opinion, the more ridiculous the predicate of Sexy-"insert possibly inappropriate noun here" the better!
    Why cant we just let bygones be bygones and Slutty Halloween Costumes be Slutty Halloween Costumes?
    It's their "one" night to own their inner deviant, let 'em have it!

  3. This phenomenon says something about our culture. About our expectations of the roles women are allowed to play in society.

    It's not exactly female empowerment, I don't see women wearing these costumes to "own their inner deviant" (and a thelemite would have certain opinions about that kind of sentiment) I see women wearing costumes like these to appeal to men, to attempt to fulfill some fantasy on the part of the men that they encounter. It's generally not an honest expression of ones sexuality, it's a disturbing plea for attention.

    And it doesn't even work, these costumes are only attractive to the most banal, aesthetically and intellectually deprived men out there. And if the point is for the woman to express her sexuality, how dull must she be to think that a slutty(insert subject here) costume is sexy?

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