Garden Monday Harvest- Autumn Style

The forecast for tonight had frost warnings so we did a big harvest that is taking up every windowsill in part of the house.  
We've got tons of tomatoes and hot peppers.  For the peppers above we have L-R: Salsa Carnival Mix, Zavory, and on the right are cayenne.   
I picked the one and only Chantarais type melon of the season as the vine was browning and the leaves were getting crunchy.  
We covered the raised beds for potential frost tonight.
The east garden is looking ragged.  We won't be doing Brussels sprouts next year as they take forever to grow , we haven't gotten a single sprout, and no matter what I try they end up swarmed in aphids.  The scarlet runner beans were way to hairy to taste good, but we will use them a dried beans for chili.  The beans are quite striking in their coloring.  
I moved all the containers off the front porch to make room for the witch.  I kinda like them here.  


  1. I love all the tomatoes on the windowsill. I used to do that in my last house. Right now our windowsills aren't very deep and my husband keeps lowering the shades at night so I couldn't put anything there anyway. I miss the pretty look to it though. The kitchen counter is just not the same.

  2. your peppers are awesome! did you get any frost last night? i took a chance and didn't cover anything, and it was all fine. i did harvest all my basil last night though, just in case. have you tasted the melon yet?

  3. Up ^ Four Photos = Sadie Sneak.

    @ Emily, unfortunately the melon wasn't all that sweet, kind of bland. Which was kind of a bummer given that it was the only melon on the plant...

  4. Kim picked the last of our tomatoes yesterday also. Although ours was a paltry collection compared to yours. I grow the scarlet runner beans but always just as decor. Love those flowers.


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