Pumpkin Dealin'

So, I had a nice hop to my step after making homemade breakfast burrito's with Kyle and then eating mine while sippin' some coffee and checking the 'tubes when Rot snuck up on me again with a post of my most recent photos.  Day made, right there.  We ran errands which included yet again MORE rebar for props and a stop at the local veggie stand for corn stalk bundles.  While paying for the corn stalks I got way ballsier than I anticipated and straight out asked the guy if he'd give me a discount on pumpkins in bulk.  He first offered me 10 for $40, but if I get 20 he'd really "make it worth my time".   I have no idea what that means, but he'll be there in the afternoon so we can make the deal.  I'll update with the results.  I hope I score big!


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