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We'll see if the local news puts our haunt on their display map.  Some might not like the idea of witches...  Anywhoo, I just got home from my second 13 hr shift in a row and have to somehow wind down to start a 14 hour shift in the AM.  I've been working on cases all day (and night) and I encountered a lot of poop (seriously).  In the meantime I thought I'd post a few more pics from the past weekend and then I'll be doing the final tweaks for the year on Thursday with newer photos to follow shortly.  We are having a pumpkin carving party on Saturday, so I still have those to add to the haunt as well.  Gosh, so many things to do.  If I'm lucky, no one will die tomorrow.  That reminds me of the novel I'm going to write, again, I digress, I'm just a little fried, please forgive me.  On to the photos!  Please click to enlarge for better detail.

Yes my cauldron sucks, I promise to improve for next year.
I call the one below witch booty.I should add a little padding so those tubing hoops do stand out so much.  I really need to take more photos of some of the little details like the back of the center witch's neck and back area.  Her clothing is really tattered and her skin shows through beneath.  
Photographing at night really helps remove odd elements like the sunny yellow vinyl sided house, but I did want to show some detail.  My goal was to make the haunt look good day or night.  I like this view despite the background because it looks like the standing witch is glaring into the camera lens.  
Remember the lewd gesturing gal on the left?  I used Kyle's suggestion and put the rat in her hands.
Kyle told me it should go the other way like she's stroking it's tail.  Is it her familiar, or will it get tossed into the cauldron?
Here is a shot of the cauldron on it's skull base with logs.  It isn't the best photo, but it shows some detail. 


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