Witch Update

I also got three more par 38's.  When asked where did those come from?  I said "Oh those, we've had those for years".

Here are some pics with the new lights.  Tomorrow will be the first run with the fogger.  I'll take some pics during Saturday's pumpkin carving party (although I don't know who is actually showing up).  If you are a Local haunter and want to join us send me a comment and we'll figure out how to get you the address.  On to the latest pics...


  1. Had these for years, huh? The jig is up!

  2. You probably already know but we've got severe weather coming our way - high winds and heavy rain on Saturday and Sunday.

    *Just a friendly weather update from a haunter who once spent hours retrieving tombstones and cornstalks from all over my neighborhood*

    Keep an eye on it - if it looks like it's going to be as bad as they say (wind gusts over 60 mph) you may want to consider bringing everything in for a couple of days.

    Oh, and I'd come carve Jacko's with you (I'd really love to see your haunt in person) but my Saturday is a bit too full. I would like to get the info from you on entering that scarecrow contest next year. That could be a blast. If you could email whatever you have on that to dropgallow@gmail.com, you'll have made a friend for life.


  3. Thanks D.G. I hope we both make it through. BTW, you already made a FFL!

  4. These are really beautiful photos.
    Your haunt is really amazing.

    Yeah! Get those props in!
    It must survive until Halloween!

  5. Wow, your witches look fantastic! Cant wait to see some pictures with the fog.

  6. Love the t-shirt! ;o) Very classy!

    Though it sucks to do it, yes, bring the stuff inside. NOthing worse than cracked tombstones!

  7. Well, I don't know about you but out here we got a lot of rain but only a little wind. Not too bad.

    So much for meteorology...

  8. I'd love to drive by and have a look-see at your display. Email me at victoryqueen at cableone dot net.


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