Scarecrow Contest Boise Style

I was going to crossover post this to both the gardening blog and my haunt blog, but decided that all you wonderful creeps that I love so much might make comments that would get me banned from next year's competition.   This is the local scarecrow competition .  Kyle was sweet enough to come with me and did the navigating to find each entry for me to photograph.  Apparently scarecrow contests have a similar draw in the western states as the eastern ones have.  I of course found out how to enter for next years contest and we took home two cute little pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.  We had a very nice afternoon, especially since we were one of the few couples not chasing after a bunch of tireless kids.  I did enjoy watching some of the little ones dance to the live music though.  

Now, for this year's contestants:
A big setup about knowing where your food comes from is an interesting idea.
I'm not sure what the back story here is.  
This one was interactive, which was a huge hit, this lady was pretty set on making a proper face and removing the humorous stuff little kids did.  So far, at least some real planning went into this one.  It had velcro parts.  
A teacher, student setup.
The 4H kids submission
 This one was named The Leotards.
This is a crow.
More cute faces.
I like the creepy face.
While this is not my taste, it was really well done and has decent design. 
Googly eyes.
With the prices they charge, this restaurant could have put in a little more effort.
Something about germs and a stethoscope.
Sponge-guy made of sponges.  
Jack Sparrow, Urrrrrggggh.  First use of a wig head though.  
This was K's fave (of the collective), while it does not meet my criteria for a great scarecrow, it does have a bit of decent design thought behind it.
Next use of a wig head.
I voted for her as third because she's a redhead and the Flaming Red Fedoras sounds fun- whatever it is.  Damn, even with all my weight lifting and stuff, my arms are no where near that huge.
I guess I liked this guy the most, I just forgot about him when voting time came around.  Yes, he is wearing Crocks, and is apparently a double amputee.  
I'm pretty sure the stone is store bought, but the application of feathers must have been a mutha.  

Whatever I enter in next year's competition it will be named "What if Mandy Patinkin was a horse-(The Scarecrow)."

It was the "Fall Festival" or something, but good grief, it was 90 degrees out there in the desert. 


  1. damn, i missed a lot of these. i didn't follow the map. love the golden tin man kind of guy, he's probably my second favorite after the sock monkey. i can't wait to see what you come up with for this next year.

  2. I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA that we have a scarecrow contest in this area. I'm going to have to enter something next year.


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