This Town is Terrible at Advertising Events

Apparently I have missed two years of a local scarecrow competition.  I envision an eastern front  and now  a western front invasion of scarecrow contests by real haunters stuff like shown above.  It appears that the Boise Botanical Garden contest is a lot bigger that Peddler's Village.  I am so going this weekend to figure out how to enter and become a thorn in the side of this competition!  Seriously, you have to pay to get in, there is a small cash prize, and I read the news like nuts and have never heard of this.  It must be fixed.  Check out the link, the map is huge.  I hope there is a scary category.  Oh, and there is apparently a Spongebob Squarepants in there somewhere.  


  1. heheh, i hate to be contrary but i have heard of this...i think i even included it in the october events calendar for boise journal one year. but i agree, it can be really tricky to find out about local happenings unless you're actively seeking them out, and i miss a lot of stuff that way. i wouldn't have known about this weekend's harvest festival if my friend hadn't signed up to be a vendor there. i was thinking about posting an october events rundown on my blog and this just confirms i should do it.


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