I'm on Kyle's computer while he is loosing patience on mine.  My computer is really unwell, REALLY unwell.  Now I find that Google Chrome thinks Haunt Forum has some sort of third party malware.  Saddest part of the story is that I'm going to loose hundreds of pictures I've taken during the year.  I know backing up is necessity, I just forgot to replace my old external drive :(             Great timing, huh?


  1. oh, pain in the ass. that happened to me once, and i still don't back stuff up because i'm a lazy idiot. computers are of the devil sometimes. hope yours gets fixed. and at least you still have all the photos you posted on your blogs.

  2. Even after the reformat, I'm still having problems, with it just randomly restarting. :(
    I'm not sure what's going on with it...
    I'm running out of ideas to try.

  3. I'm using AVG security for a couple of years, and I would recommend this product to all you.


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