Two Down...

I've got two of the three Macbeth/Pumpkinrot style witch heads complete.  Making these things is so much fun, I can get lost for hours with the mache and paint.  Unfortunately I am also my own worst critic, and a crappy photographer.  These were inspired by Rot's creations, I've gotten a few compliments at work which is super cool, and, some strange looks from the cleaning man.  Oh well.  
Here they are in plain light with a little green spot for fun:
I showed them to Kyle tonight and he spent a while checking them out.  We are both very honest with each other, but I'm just don't think he is as interested in this stuff as I am.  Don't get me wrong, he is the most supportive person in the world when it comes to my attempts at creative outlets.  He told me tonight "they're all screaming", which is true.  When you make each tooth individually and hand paint each eyeball, you tend to want to show your work.  The third witch will have teeth and maybe closed eyes, but she will defiantly be more subdued.  My goal is to work more on the facial detail like a subtle smile or grimace.  We'll see what happens.  I haven't even started her base yet.  To think, I have three bodies to build and dress and probably six hands as well.  

P.S.  I've already redone the eyes on the one on our right.  Too much eyeball.  It is so hard to cover up our creations.  


  1. Those are some seriously creepy faces. Great work! Looking forward to seeing them completed!


  2. these guys are lookin' great! I love the teeth!


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