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The jalapeños ended up becoming poppers last night during the great wind storm of 2010 that blacked out the city last night, knocked down humongous trees and crippled our weak trellis netting.  Kyle cored the peppers, seeded them, put sharp cheddar inside, and wrapped them in bacon.  Yum!
While poppers were being made, the power went out, several fires started around the valley, sirens blared, the sky light up, and things turned into "The Road" for a bit, but our krewe made it through the storm, Louisiana style.  
Yup, that's a bag of diatomacious earth behind the goodies.  
Next up are the tomatoes: Super San Marzano, and generic romas being roasted for sauce.  I thought I would get two jars,  not so much.  


  1. haha, cool! sounds like we were all feasting in the dark saturday night. i love your food mill...i got one from an antique store the other day and it's functional but not shiny and pretty like that.

  2. Coring those peppers sure was a chore! I'm glad we had visitors over to keep me company while I cored.
    For anyone looking to do something similar; the tin foil was an impromptu "jalapeño stand" meant to keep them upright and the cheese inside. I cooked them for about 30 minutes, on indirect heat, over a drip pan (that bacon render lots of fat that you don't want on open flames) at around 350F. I check them about every five minutes towards the end, to cook the bacon to your desired doneness.

    The tomato sauce smelled heavenly while it was cooking!

  3. Tomatoes never make as much sauce as you think they will. I've got to do some roasted sauce too. I love the taste.


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