Garden Fail Friday

I bought two trellis nets from Burpee for our peas and for our cucurbits.  They cost $5 each and are supposed to be reusable.  No way says me.  The stupid things held up some wimpy peas, but cucumbers are tearing them to shreds as well as the baby melon plants.  Maybe our intense sun is breaking them down.  Next year will be wire trellises definitely.  Emily is the original GFF blogger.  


  1. that's too bad! those looked so great with the peas on them. it reminds me of a spider's web--peas would be gnats, lightweight and easily caught, and cucurbits would be enormous grasshoppers that thrash and kick their legs and destroy the whole web in an attempt to free themselves. you should be the spider and get out there to spin some more netting.

  2. Fail remedied! (With wire fences)


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