Garden Fail Friday

Emily started the whole GFF thing, so check her out.  
Glamor Shots!  Sorry I haven't been real postie lately.  But we did go to the fair, here is a donkey that
I don't think this guy read the signs at his exhibit, he was so sweet and cute!  Click the pic to read the signs.  
Finally, this is some unlicensed crappy ride based on my least fav movie, I love the artwork, this looks like a Korean knockoff of Disneyland.  Again click the pic for greatness.
I actually had a wonderful time at the Fair, I got to pet just about every horse nose, scratch some sheep behind the ears, meet interesting alpacas, watch cute piglets race for an Oreo, and see Kyle go all 13 and wander after the blinky lights and pumpin' music reminding me to never let the inner kid go.  The icing on the cake was finding this:
The following pics are some of the other fun things we came across.
She was so cute, but is up for sale for meat after the fair is over, no clever spider for this one. 
Club Idol??? I wasn't that easily amused when I was a teen.  Seriously, it was a bunch of ladders to walk around turnstiles, I think the whole point was lame exhibitionism.  It was an O.K pic of the midway though.  


  1. Looks like you had a spectacular outing!

  2. oh man, i love the glamour shots. i don't see any fail here...except maybe my dandy jelly that didn't win anything :( hehe i love that you took a picture of it though! and the animals are adorable, especially the do-not-want donkey.


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