Harvest Monday

The cherry tomatoes are officially in full swing.  Our space saving square foot garden makes for some interesting picking though; I've had to become a bit of a contortionist to get the ripe ones way inside the raised bed.  
Pickling cucumbers:
Supersteak Hybrids:
Squash,cucumber, and Jalapeños:
Get this, we got potatoes!  The fingerling potatoes in the stackable boxes produced without ever blooming.  The leaves started to yellow and dry and we figured better now than never for harvest, so we gently scooped out peat and soon found this:
We dug and harvested and removed levels, and dug some more.  We ultimately ended up with over 2 lbs of red fingerling potatoes:
Finally we got Super San Marzanos, two Black Krim, and whatever romas we are growing:


  1. It is the time to plant Irish potatoes here in ATX and I remember how awesome this potato box worked for you. Where did you read about it?

  2. I think Kyle found a similar idea in the Urban Homstead book and tweaked it.

  3. I was accidentally logged on a Kyle there.

  4. In "The Urban Homestead" they use tires. But I made 5, 5&1/2" tall (approx. 15" diam.) boxes, and stacked, and backfilled them (with the aforementioned peat moss) as the plant grew.

    Next year, I think I'll used about half as many boxes as there weren't many potatoes in the top levels, and the plant didn't bloom.


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