As a little kid, my sister and I would go bonkers in anticipation of the neighbors down the street setting up their yard haunt in the late '70s and early 80's.  When we first found it, we didn't know what to call it; that was the first year I remember trick'r treating.

 My mom had me in a homemade clown costume and I my sister was a lion.  She always sewed costumes for us lucky kids.  I know she sent me the photo long ago, but I have no idea where it is.  I was very young, but I remember so much about that day, including the knee I skinned while running up the first driveway of the afternoon.  I remember the smell of rotting leaves, the cool air, and the smell of tar in the drive; I cried because I was so embarrassed.  I got over it though when we met up with a real live Frankenstein that scared the bejeezus out of me.

Then there was that one house with the bodies hanging out all the windows, the bundles of corn stalks, the coffin with a vampire inside that would jump out and another displayed in the front window.   We were so scared to walk through that gauntlet to get the candy.  I was exhilarated to have made it without chickening out like a lot of the other little kids.  I'm sure mom held my hand the whole way, but I imagine it differently.  

After that, each year, we would make our parents go by that house several times before Halloween.  I'm not certain of the time frame since I was so little and it all seemed to take forever, but first came up the window display of the coffin with dark draperies behind.  Then, a few weeks later, came the bodies hanging from each of the windows.  Finally, on Halloween, the window coffin opened to reveal it's resident, the yard was filled with spooky goodness, and there were lights and sounds as well.  

I remember one year my mom relented and let us make a "dummy" to sit on a lawn chair.  I think some older kids called it sissy when they came by for their candy.  I vaguely remember being heartbroken that I couldn't scare them like the other house.  After that we sort of gave up to the "competition" and I became a teenager, need I say more? 

Here I am years later and the inner Halloween geek is out in full nerdy glory.  I don't care what people think about my new hobby, it makes me happy.  I would like to thank Pumpkinrot for the new inspiration that reminded me of the true fun of Halloween.  If I can inspire just one kid to grow up and do the same, than I'd be pretty happy.  I'd also like to thank Kyle for being so supportive and understanding of his mate with the strange hobby of making monsters.
Happy Haunting


  1. wow, i am so not ready to be thinking about halloween yet, but at the same time this is so fun! cool story, i feel transported to halloween night. one time my dad painted his face like a skeleton and jumped out at some little girl, and the poor thing completely freaked out, started screaming and crying and ran away. he felt so awful he's never done anything like that again.

  2. OMG ! Another Halloween nut like me ? Diane from Elephant's Eye sent me your link and I am so happy to see a Halloween blog .. I haven't started loading my Halloween crazy posts yet but I am getting that overwhelming urge soon .. We are hoping for great Autumn colour with our trees here in Ontario .. and all of those smells of Autumn .. well I can't wait .. I will be pumpkin hunting and Halloween decoration hunting as well .. you can never have too much Halloween right ?
    I will be back !!
    Joy : )


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