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I know the composition isn't anything special, but I was about ready to throw the new camera to the curb even though I could never afford a new one.  I even asked Rot what sort of camera he used hoping he'd tell me he was a pro photog and got the heartbreaking response that my camera with a Leica lens is way fancier than his.  O.K., so I have a terrible eye for photographs, but I have inspired vision for them.  That is the ultimate frustration.  Anyway, here is a glimpse of what is happening in our kitchen today (the shop/garage has been too hot for props) so we have a slice of life at the Feral household with tomatoes drying in the dehydrator, two witch heads that I pulled ping-pong ball eyes out of because they were substandard, a plate with new ones, and some fresh green beans from the garden. Ta Da!  I think I'm starting to figure out low light shots!  A Gorrillapod is now on my shopping list for long exposures.  Did ya see those teeth?


  1. these guys look great...I love the teeth!

  2. hehe, i love this little slice of your passions on display. excellent work on the witch heads, i'm so impressed. i have tomatoes in my dehydrator too! they've been going for days, it's ridiculous. gorillapods are pretty awesome. i used one to get fun long-exposures at the fair last year. it also makes a cool photo prop itself, the legs can look like monster legs or tentacles. you could use it in your halloween display...dress up your camera like a freaky cyclops and attach it to a gorillapod, that would be so neat!


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