Harvest Monday

Let's see, we have cherry, roma, Super San Marzano, and beefsteak tomatoes, cucumbers, a giant zucchini, a sweet bell pepper, and a Giant Marconi pepper, two crooknecks, and a strawberry.  

I heart Kyle.

I used these guts that were ripening on the sill with others and spent three hours making tomato sauce for eggplant parmesan that we'll prepare later.  With these guys below:

I'll post some pics of the dish when it's done and we've reviewed it.  With us luck!


  1. i love your harvest mondays. the heart-tomato is so beautiful!

  2. The heart tomato is beautiful, just like your love for Kyle! Okay, that was probably the cheesiest thing I've typed all week. :-) One strawberry, and you held yourself back from eating it before taking the picture? I love it.

  3. Ahh! I heart-shaped tomato you too, sweetie!

    @thyme; Not to worry, I ate that strawberry almost before the flash from the camera finished fading in the room.

  4. I love the one little strawberry. I'm surprised it made it inside. I would have eaten just one and the poor thing wouldn't have had its photo taken.


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