Willow Manor Ball

I've been invited to the Willow Manor Ball. I had no idea what Tess's post was about at 0600 hrs this morning, but I have figured it out and I love the concept. This is the most wonderful ball in the universe as we know it. Luckily for me it happens to work with my schedule and I love to arrive fashionably late. 

Since this is a fantasy, I will let the love of my life pick his own fantasy date (with my approval). Who will escort me to the ball? I thought it had to be a charming male character from one of my favorite movies. So even though this guy is a fave of mine, I knew he was right out. Sorry Ricky.
This was my idea of the ideal bad boy when I was a girl in the 80's, he was so charming and had such an amazing, um... pirate shirt? But the glorious hair, how could you pass that up. Gosh, now that I think of it I'll bet that was the end of an era where chest hair was sexy on film, although I don't really remember if he had any.  
Looks like yes, or at least they painted some on. Good, I still like chest hair.

These two would be fab on  each side of me, but at 6 feet tall, they'd look pretty tiny and they seem to be way into each other. 

So I hope Kyle decides to go with me. As for my attire. I am all about hoodies so this would suit me fine.
But in black and in pure silk.

I guess I got my style influence from one of my early icons:

Thanks Tess for the invite. This was a really fun post.


  1. I love Grace Jones! My idol! My rock star! Oh Captain, my Captain!

    This is a really cute post. Loves it.

  2. You came with a cutting edge style and had all the men's heads turning at the door. Yes they darn, drat, darn did. ;~D

  3. Love the dress...daahling...thanks for making the Willow Manor Ball 2011 so much fun...


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