Guest Bedroom Headboard from Hell

After you read, click the skeleton photo below for a link to the new video.
The guest bedroom is the testing site for the new LED light show. These are just the 5 skele's with light up eyes doing Thriller by MJ. There will also be 5 singing pumpkins, and 70 different LED spotlights that will also be synchronized with the music. 
The hours of bad soldering have been climbing daily. I am getting better. All this stuff will get put into a nice re-purposed project enclosure made out of an old toolbox.  


  1. I was checking out the video earlier. You must be a busy busy woman. Work, gardening, and such great props.

    The only crit I'd offer: maybe some ambient lighting so that their bodies are more visible?

  2. There will be a lot of ambient lighting. This was just a test.

  3. Your doing a light show? AWESOME!!!

  4. Some of it will be light show to music, the rest will be ambient sounds with lights fading in and out.I didn't want to go full Griswald.


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