New Light

This is the large Catalpa tree in front of the house. Since I made new LED spotlights we set up the old par 38 cans to illuminate this wonderful tree. I hope to hang some Jack O Lanterns from the limbs on the big night.
Here is a quick shot of some gravestones with the new lights. The lights were on a random changing routine with warm white, green, blue and reds. I can't wait to see how it all looks with the fogger going and the corn stalks up. We are about at 1/2 of the way set up.These are all props from last year, this year's will be added this coming weekend. 
Here they are with the blue and greens on. I love my little camera.
Here are the three lovely witches doing their thing.
Here they are in dazzling technicolor. I don't know how well the video will work with the song routines, I'll try to take some at dusk. These were taken with a slow shutter speed, and a tripod, of course. 


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