Click on the image for a great tutorial on an easy web casting hot glue gun.
I'm going to get a new glue gun tomorrow and plan to use the technique from this entertaining video to make my own web casting gun. Some great photos to show this effect can be found here at the Frog Queen's Blog. I love the look of the Davis Graveyard and hope to add some webs to our little graveyard. 

Follow Up 10/14/2011:
I made a web caster gun with my hairdryer and a 40 watt glue gun I got with a coupon from Michael's. I simply electric taped the two together using the same idea from the video above and it works really well. I'll just plug the two into an extension cord and shoot the graveyard when I get it set up. The nice thing is that when I'm done, I simply remove the tape and both parts have no damage or sticky residue. This was the easiest project I've ever done. You'll have to wait for photos when I get everything set up. 


  1. I made one of these (sans the Spider Man) and it worked great as well. I had seen a more complex one on the Make magazine website and not only was it more expensive (it used a lot of metal fittings), it didn't work as well for me. This one was far simpler and worked right off the bat.

    I'm sure you've heard of the saying, to a man with a hammer everything looks like a nail. Well, to someone with a webcaster, everything looks in need of a web. I finally had to step away from the webcaster otherwise I'd be drowning in a sea of hot glue webs.



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