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This is just a local news link for haunted houses and displays. If you visit it at the link, it will keep it at the top of the page. Yes I am asking you to click the link to keep my "ad" near the top. That is all for my cheaply asking you to promote my little haunt. This isn't for a contest, money, or any gain, I just want people to be able to see my ad so more TOTs get to see it this year. We don't live in a very active TOT area in town, but the small coverage I got last year was impressive. I'd love to get more. Click the photo to go to the link. Yes I am aware there is a typo and I've already written them about it.


  1. done--good luck 'cause your haunt definitely deserves to be seen.

  2. That witches teeth are so realistic. Good luck, you deserve it.

  3. Clicked! And I wish I could see your haunt in person!


  4. I just checked, and it would take me 8 hours and 53 minutes to drive to your haunt. Would that be considered stalking?

    What sort of lighting do you have on those tombstones? Are those the flickering wax led candles? Are there spots hidden? God, I need to improve my lighting. And I am such a lame-o space cadet about that stuff, even with the Skull and Bones tutorial. *checking schedule*

    Oh yeah, and I totally clicked through. : )

  5. The lights were just the little LED candles and a very slow shutter speed. A tripod is a MUST for photographing a haunt.


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