Svengoolie The Killer Shrews Opening

I grew up with this guy and Chicago's version of the late night B movie horror show after my mom would call us in from a good game of ghost in the graveyard. 
His show once had my wonderful crayon drawing of him featured for 0.5 a second. I can't find the proof.


  1. Haha! The Killer Shrews is such a classic. I love those large dogs with shrew teeth. :) The "special effects" in these old movies are so funny.

    Svengoolie is awesome. I used to watch him all the time, but I think his time slot has been changed. I live in Wisconsin, so we could still get that program. Sometimes it came in a little fuzzy, though. That's so cool that your art was featured on the show. I want to see what you sent in to him!

  2. Fantastic! I've never heard of the guy but he's great.


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